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When being safe, the mice will be very anxious in this situation. Maybe it's not a good idea.

The rats have been warming up to the cat. I figure that they will eventually become used to each other.

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They just all want to cuddle together, honest!

So the other day, they are doing this staring thing and one of the rats sneezes. The cat instantly jumps a foot in the air and ran away. Sometimes I think the cat is just as afraid as the rats are.

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my boy cat cats like a confident alpha male much of the time, but the second i get a plastic bag out for trash he scurries and hides wherever he can. no idea why those scare him so much. they're all little fraidy cats inside

Our cat is super friendly and patient. Literally tolerates a toddler pulling her tail, smacking her head, giving her smooches and hugs. When she's done, she will just get up and casually walk away.

Foe the first 2 months after we got her, she didnt even acknowledge the rats. Straight forward wouldn't even get up when they came out of the cage. She shows a little interest now, but I still think she is scared of them.