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But after its fall issue it will just reprint previously published material

While that sounds good and all, from someone that used to have a subscription that's exciting, but in this toxic "woke" climate, those old jokes will trigger the shoes off of many people

I knew it was coming because the whole magazine format is going the way of the dinosaurs but I'm still sad something that introduced so many young people to parody, satire, and sarcasm is gone. It's the sort of thing I would have really looked forward to sharing with my kids one day.

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Parody and satire is a dying art form these days unfortunately

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Interesting fact: MAD didn't run any any(real) ads for 44 years.

From the beginning, Gaines felt that printing actual advertisements next to the products they were lampooning would not only dilute their edge but seem more than a little hypocritical. After some back-and-forth, MAD cut ads starting in 1957. The decision was a costly one—most print publications survive on such revenue—but led to the magazine’s keeping a sharp knife against the throat of seductive advertising, including cigarettes. Faced with dwindling circulation in 2001, MAD finally relented and began taking ads to help pay for a switch to color printing

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I remeber they actually made their own ads for bogus products in their issues!

Really sorry to see this magazine go.