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The state which strives to make the poor the most comfortable, attracts the most poor. Who would have thought!?

Plus if you're homeless, you may as well be homeless in nice weather.

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True for the government, not so much for the people. So many parks and business adding anti-homeless measures, I'm tempted to call California a state of fake leftists.

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The people need to start voting out their idiot government.

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Until they have homeless-friendly politicians (doubt you'll get that from the Democrats or Republicans) we'll continue to see anti-homeless measures in parks.

We have a similar effect here in Vancouver. It's not the social policys that attract them, but the weather.
It sucks to be homeless in Canada during the winter, unless you live in Vancouver.

We get most of Canadas homeless here.

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California’s de facto status as a one-party state lies at the heart of its poverty problem. Actually the problem is the Mexicans.