newest post is 45 minutes old. can't upvote or comment :-(

newest post is 45 minutes old. can't upvote or comment :-(


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I'm getting too old for this bullshit. Can't I just have one thing in life that's dependable?

Ok I'm over it. Hello Phuk fam.

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Well, so far so good here. If nothing else, the creators are active and fix problems as they arrive.

Welcome aboard.

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Yeah, something's screwy, but not necessarily devious. "An exception has occurred" on trying to do almost anything. Time will tell.

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One of the things that has kept me at phuks is how fast and stable the site is. Too bad Voat is still having issues. Definitely room for both sites to exist.

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We care.

Definitely something wrong with voat. Fortunately putt will fix things in a timely manner /s

Looks like the preview site we used last time is down too. https://preview.voat.co/static/inactive.min.html

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Yeah, just checked and can't up vote anything. I didn't try anything else, but this may also be why someone earlier here thought they've been shadow banned.

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Rip in pieces Voat. It truly was the most fun I've had on the web. The Wild West of speech and ideas. I've met good people and business partners there. Made real life friends and pen pals. Gained direction and purpose thanks to extensive conversation and probing of ideas.

Will the shambling corpse finally die? Is Putt finally kaput? Time will tell. Here's to muh freeze peach™.

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