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Top Keywords from Search Engines

Which search keywords send traffic to this site?

Keyword | Percent of Search Traffic

  1. phuks | 2.97%

  2. virtual wearable ui tracking technology | 2.55%

  3. chad hodl | 2.24%

  4. colion noir john oliver | 2.17%

  5. john oliver colion noir | 1.68%


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Sites like Phuks, and Voat are growing and becoming more relevant. The major reason behind all this is that people are getting sick with Reddit. Let's only hope we don't end up the same.

Hahaha colion noir?? Wtf?

But this is good and bad news. We can't have more of those lesser cabbages infiltrating our ranks.

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I vaguely remember someone posting a John Oliver video, that's why we showed up.

Honestly you could probably manipulate the top searches yourself if you had the Alexa toolbar, not much of our traffic comes from searches.

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Are you going to be in trouble financially because of that?

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No, we can handle more users before we need to scale up. When Voat was down we were averaging around 200 active connections at times, peaking at 377, we have around half that now.