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It's just a gun factory, those kids are just assembling guns for Iran, nothing unusual here..

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Meanwhile, our kids are being taught pronouns and don't know which bathroom to use.

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It's either a military school or some sort of cadet program like the US's Naval Sea Cadets or Military Cadets or the UK's Marine Society or Sea Cadets. They build character and discipline. They're associated with the national military and often receive training (cool field trips with training) from the nation's military. Lots of countries have these.

I donate to the US Military Cadets and Naval Sea Cadets.

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At that age? This isn't America's ROTC (which starts in high school). It's one thing if you live out in the country and teach your 12 year old hold how to properly handle a firearm, shoot pests and deer ... this looks like some insanely young military training program.

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Different countries, different ways.

The age that a culture thinks is appropriate isn't bound to your ideas. Nor is your apparent queasiness concerning firearms.