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That's only in place to blame unvaccinated over a "vaccine" that doesn't work so they can use the power of "statistics" to force more people to take a "vaccine" that doesn't work.

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We just need to keep doing all the things that failed to eliminate covid for the last two years until we finally eliminate covid in every country on earth. If only those other people would just not go outside/track all movements/close businesses/wear a mask/get 4 jabs we would finish this. We're not asking much, and it works so well. Easy peasy, amirite?

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We were not strict enough I think is the issue. We need to disarm the middle class and create massive surveillance so it is impossible to not comply. Also send the kids of Trump supporters to concentration camps where they can be educated/helped. I know they don't like this but I have good intentions and do this out of love.

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This isn't your problem but I am two links deep and I don't see a link to the actual mandate. So annoying.

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I hate that too. It's far too common with news articles just regurgitating whatever from some other source.