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This one is "Racist Karen WHIPS Black Boys For Playing Basketball"


"No @jobes I won't let her ruin our fun"

The whipping is the best, the whip is like 10 feet away from him and hitting him in his paralyzed legs but he's like "oww it hurts!"

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i posted the whip one a few days ago. your link misses some of the best parts of the whipping episode.

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Nice, youtube keeps taking down the full ones.

I love that they refer to 30 year men as "boys" and that the mother is probably younger than her son.

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you're only supposed to be watching the racism, not the casting//writing/acting!

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Whip in the handbag eh... perhaps that's just how @LittleAnnelise greets all the neighbors.

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Not likely. The chances of me yelling at someone because they're not like me is about nil.