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She was only stabbing two people...geez why the excessive use of force?

I know if I were there I'd catch the knife blade in both hands, and take it from her in one motion like in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Man we better ruin that cops life lol right?

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He was white, so he must use those supremacist websites like 4chin. Better charge him with 3 different types of murder too since he shot her 3 times.

Actually u are not going far enough. U are white so u benefit from his murder and are thus even more responsible than he is.

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Congrats. You all finally got an opportunity of a justified use of force to hold up and use as evidence that the police aren't overwhelmingly heavy handed when dealing with people.

As if this single incident justifies the multiple murders and assaults of black Americans.

It's disgusting how quickly those who have commented here have bent over and taken the Billy club up the poop shoot of the increasingly militarized police force.

This single incident does nothing to discredit the wide spread use of uneccesary lethal force across the nation.

Further more I've heard nothing of this incident being a poster child for BLM and this bullshit excuse of an article just builds a straw man argument to shit all over the justified demand for police reform and restraint.

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Further more I've heard nothing of this incident being a poster child for BLM

There were various news articles with headlines quoting things like "she was gunned down like a dog in the street" and describing her as a teenage honor roll student. There were protests in multiple areas in Columbus after the killing and a lot of absurd tweets from BLM people talking about how the cops didn't need to intervene - it was just teenagers fighting - or "she only had a knife and he had a gun" sort of retardedness. Oddly there were no articles interviewing the girl in pink's family about how relieved they are that the officer saved their life, only interviews with the deceased's family.

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I don't think that UK tabloids count as "news". And since when did we start taking the main steam media as gospel?

Last I knew they were all out to create clickbait, the more outrageous the better. That's partially why we're in such a stupid mess as we are.

To be honest I don't know the situation at hand (to reiterate, that article was biased shit) so I can't really say much more than I have.

This is an outlier and shouldn't be held up to justify other recent actions.

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It's just something that's had me on edge because the protests as a result from this shooting are in the relative vicinity to me and very close to where many of my relatives live. I'd rather keep these cop/race-based protests away from here since I see what they can do to a city.

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Just to add an extra point why things were tense about this last night :

"Columbus Police Shoot And Kill Black, Teenage Girl" from NPR - no mention of knife until 8 paragraphs in.

"Ohio police fatally shoot Black teenage girl just before Chauvin verdict" from WaPo, no knife til second paragraph.

"This never should have happened’: Mother of 16-year-old killed in police shooting wants answers" local CBS news from an 'Emmy award winning reporter'. Knife appeared once in the article and it's a lot about police brutality and racial injustice.

Non-tabloid shit media was framing this as another unjust killing for 90% of people who don't read the articles. If Chauvin wasn't convicted, articles like that could have sparked burning and looting in Ohio.

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It's disgusting how quickly those who have commented here have bent over and taken the Billy club up the poop shoot of the increasingly militarized police force.

Hm? Not at all. I'm deeply in the "Chauvin is clearly innocent" camp, but I can advocate for heavily militarized police while also advocating for not bending over for them.

The government must never have a monopoly on violence; civilians must be capable of being armed heavily enough to deny the government trampling all over their rights. Consequently, if law enforcement is to be effective then it must be armed enough to deal with the occasional tank-driving rando.

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With all the power the Biden administration is giving to the Mexican and Colombian cartels who are hourly smuggling drugs, guns and people across the southern border, our police need to have militarized weapons now.

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Dude I have a cop friend who told me LAPD is undergoing training for less than lethal force when dealing with violent suspects.

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In her defense the fat girl with the knife may have thought the person in bright pink was a walking cupcake.

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Considering how she seemed completely oblivious to the police pointing a gun at her, she could have feasibly been about to go into a diabetic coma and was just trying to balance out her blood sugar

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Don't worry everybody. The Biden administration thinks that stopping a black girl from killing someone is racism.

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