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I just can't comprehend how he made this entire video about the solar system but didn't say Uranus a single time

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I don't like it when people talk about my anus.

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Whatever. I think the minimum separation distance is at least an equally sensible definition of 'closeness'. No planet comes closer to Earth than Venus.

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You're right, but then that wouldn't make for a very good video. He went a little overboard on the "Mercury is closest to all planets" angle in my opinion though and should have talked about the different definitions and how the results vary, e.g.

  • Closest on average
  • Minimum distance
  • Maximum distance

Because some planets like Pluto have highly elliptical orbits, the standard textbook order of the planets doesn't guarantee a meaningful result since sometimes Neptune is further from the Sun than Pluto.

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Yeah, there's an infinite number of definitions of representative 'closeness' in a situation like this. I have a soft-spot for the harmonic mean:


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The moon should be considered a minor planet. So, the moon wins.

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Mercury is "he" and Venus is "she?"

How the fuck can one science video be so heteronormative all by itself? As a lesbian trapped in a man's body, I am profoundly offended!

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Do you know what's even moster closer? The sun.