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Shoe0nHead is a Youtube personality who only does 480p and likes using a megaphone to yell at her audience. She frequently posts about the more extreme elements of SJW and feminist culture and critiques them.

In this video, she (surprisingly seriously, while still making jokes and being funny) examines the idea of "political feminism", which suggests that women are "choosing" to be heterosexual, and that their choice is actively participating in the system of oppression, the Patriarchy, which means they are behaving immorally. Under this philosophy, any woman engaging in a relationship with a man (all men actually being call "the enemy" by a proponent of this system), is therefore choosing to hold down and oppress women and siding with "the bad guys".

It's worth noting that the idea that women's sexuality is a choice directly contradicts much of the work most gay advocacy groups have done in the past decades, in believing that people are born with sexual preferences, rather than actively choosing them.

EDIT: I realize that the title of the video is poor, and implies that she advocates this position rather than is critiquing it, but it's the actual title, so what can you do? :-/

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I wish people wouldn't argue with the "all men are the enemy" type of feminists.

Let them die off without ever passing on their genes. We have enough people who are susceptible to this nonsense already. Let them light their witch candles and wallow in their nihilistic impotence until they've hit menopause and have nobody but their cats and fellow womyn with no value in the sexual marketplace or society in general.

This is natural selection in action, and it is doing as good a job as it ever has. Raise your children to be wiser than they are, vote for sane politics, abandon organizations that embrace the radical Left, help build strong and productive communities, and I think that is enough to get the job done if enough of us are willing to do it.

I did enjoy the humor of the video though.

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I like shoe. I used to watch all of her videos, but it became tiresome. I'm happy she still makes videos to potentially swing normies to the red pill size

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Haha. Yeah I can see how it might be tiresome, but she's kind of sporadic with when they're made, so I never got sick of it.