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Good, honestly.

Why give it to someone who is endangering their chances of surviving after the transplant?

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Yeah, I'm not sure about this one. Fair enough someone is in a fragile state after a transplant, but you can't vaccinate against every variant of the cold or flu that they might encounter, and can't vaccinate against other potential infections/complications. It's hard to know exactly how much of a risk Covid is, and whether that justifies not giving them the heart, or whether it's just a political decision.

I do think it's unreasonable on the patient's part. It seems they think taking the vaccine is worse than very probable death... I find that hard to imagine.

It would only endanger them. I am a Delta Force medic and what the media isn't telling you is the vaccine has killed half our commandos. I can post a video with my whiteboard in my scrubs if you don't believe me.