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The story isn't worth a subscription.

It was a cranky old co-worker tossing the cups.

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oh, i didnt realize it was behind a paywall, muh bad

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Oh, no worries. There might be free views from the site, but being on a VPN, others using my exit point may already have visited.

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Pretty much though people are so fragile now that they consider anything that anyone does that's an annoyance to be akin to attempted murder. Dang, I remember far enough back that something like this would have gotten someone maybe a night or two in jail, maybe a fine, a talking to, and that would have been the end of it. Is this what people mean when they say "The good old days?" Wait, that's racist anymore, isn't it?

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me an a lady I worked with last years were just talking about this whole abnormal sensitivity to the absolute tiniest BS thing - "Micro-aggression." She was complaining that HR forces everyone in the company to do an annual course on sensitivity.

I think that there are soooo many people who need to move on with their lives instead of contemplating possible micro-aggressions.

Seems like a huge waste of a corporate budget. They'd be better off hiring serious people who are more interested in turning out great work than sulking around with hurt feelings.

Yeah I thought it would be some interesting story with a twist at the end ... when I read it I felt I'd died for a few minutes instead.

And 3 years with a pattern like that, that's some serious incompetence. You could have sat out there with a camera one or two mornings and caught them.