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If you get pulled over after curfew, just say you were going to Sheetz to get some food. They said they won't stop anyone from getting carryout and Sheetz is 24/7 for serving food.

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This is completely unenforceable. All you have to do is claim you were doing some grocery shopping. Plus, I imagine no cop is going to actually charge someone with the crime.

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Sure. Selective law enforcement is what makes this a great country.


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I never made that claim. I'm simply pointing out how the curfew is unenforceable. It is very easy to get around and challenge in court, with a simple excuse like "I was on my way to Wally World," and no police officer is going to realistically stop you for being out. There are just too many variables and paths to avoiding punishment that a court can't prove any wrong doing. Laws like this are bad. They do nothing and are unenforceable.