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2400 people have died in Virginia out of 8 million. That is hardly a drop in the bucket.. Multiple counties have reported 0 deaths. In 2017 they had about 1300 deaths during a mild flu season. This is just equivalent to a very bad flu season IMO.

Mandating a rushed and under tested vaccine is extremely dangerous and irresponsible, especially given that no effective coronavirus vaccine has ever been developed. Many vaccine attempts have caused serious side effects like lung damage, neurological issues and death.

The issue with mandatory vaccines is you look at the history of what our govt has done, right now vaccines are vaccines, but for sure someone down the road will have an agenda and there will be something snuck into the vaccine that makes people easier to control or serves some purpose other than health.

I think if a vaccine is mandated, then that would probably warrant a rebellion. If there's a vaccine and I can review the professional literature and consult my doctor, I'll take it.

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My views on religious exclusion are against the mainstream. There should be no exceptions except for a medical proven reason.

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Giving the goverment the right to force people to put stuff in or take stuff out of their body isn't a smart idea, even if its for "the greater good."

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Okay, I can see that point.

No vax, then permanent quarantine. Leper colonies worked quite well, as has permanently isolating disease carriers.

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and ship all the bad genes off to fester alone too, along with the other undesirables like those who disagree with our just and fair "listen to us or leave" policy.