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Looks like we'll have to ban planes now if we want to keep the children safe

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I was at a 7-11 gas station last year and a c130 flying about 1500 ft dumped fuel over everyone, it was landing at Los Alamitos air base and I was on the corner of euclid and orangethorpe fullerton,ca aircraft do this a lot if their over the landing weight. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_landing_weight

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That's interesting because I've had fuel dumped over me. It vaporized and none of it hit me wet. I figured they knew what they were doing. It was outside my office at the time so I figured they were doing it all the time and I didn't notice because I was inside. (We were in the landing path).

Also being in the landing path I got to see the space shuttle fly over us (strapped to the bottom of a commercial plane) so close that I could have thrown a rock at it if I were able to throw twice as far as I can.

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I guess immigrants aren't the only things taking dumps all over California now.