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Well, the White House does have full authority to sue congress as a whole or members of congress. Schiff has told multiple blatant lies about "having direct evidence about Russian collusion" and also his fantasy about the Ukrainian phone conversation.

They are pretending they are going to impeach Trump yet again over him just requesting information which may actually be related to a real unknown justice department investigation over Hunter. Their source is not a whistleblower, anyone with two brain cells should notice this. The so called whistleblower admits the information is second-hand, which is hearsay and not admissible in ANY court of law in this country. It is just another crying of wolf imo.

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Under what grounds does the White House have authority to sue Congress? Anything said on the floor in Congress is protected by the Constitution Article I Section 6:

for any speech or debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other place.

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It would have to be decided by the Judiciary if the WH could sue congress. The Judiciary allowed congress to sue the Obama White House, they could approve the White House suing congress for reasons outside of actual speech or debate in congress.

What I think they can and may do is sue because of the lack of due process on these most recent impeachment hearings. The house would not allow white house or state council into their closed doors impeachment discussion, which is an absolute civil rights violation. That is something the judiciary likely would allow the WH to sue congress for