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I've heard about China's currency manipulation over the last decade, but I don't know enough about economics to really truly understand it. From what I gather, it means they immediately boost exports and cut imports during this period to largely fuck over their trade partner countries. This infograph explains the process a bit, but I don't truly grasp it.

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It's truly refreshing to see someone acknowledge the limitations of their knowledge.

All too often the dunning Kruger effect rears its head and people press on into a subject that they know little about, while proclaiming their an expert.

I wish I contribute something to this subject, but i dont know shit about economics.

Just wanted to compliment you for keeping it real.

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Happy to keep it humble. I've definitely fallen trap to proclaiming to be an expert in the past on topics I didn't have a deep understanding of, but learned that by being a stubborn ass results in a stifling of my chances to end up learning more about the subject.