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I read a pretty detailed message from the camp lead on Facebook this morning. Before people get out pitchforks, apparently the issue was that the Bureau of Land Management let them build the plane on site, knowing their entire plan, then waited until they were building it to tell them "Oh by the way you are going to need a permit to move it to your storage location." They have the necessary equipment to move it safely, but now they are being paralyzed by sudden red tape steps.

People love to hate on rich people, but usually when you hear people out in these situations there is a reasonable explanation. Very few Burners are just thoughtless assholes.

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A government agency being an asshat! Shocking! /s

Thanks for the details.

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Yep that figures. The BLM that no one talks about. Out west they are a petty fiefdom with no over site.

A little sunlight would go along way here.