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Anyone can access the results of the home kits, if the feds can easily get it. I doubt the commercial companies have ultra secure servers. You can bet that every potential enemy state has the results, just in case they want to stir up some shit in the future.

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Well they appear to heavily use AWS from this job posting, so your genetic data is only as secure as is AWS, their connection to AWS, the encryption used to and from AWS, the strength of their own internal networks, and every individual employee's computer and adherence to what you hope would be extremely strict security and data access. Then you also have the fact that they sell your genetic data to pharmaceutical companies and nothing ever goes wrong with selling big stacks of personal data, right?

It doesn't really feel all that safe when you think about it.

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Think about what you just said.

Now tell us the sorts of trouble that a servicemember having a dna test will cause.

I'll bet it's a null list.

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I feel like there is a bit of a cold war going on with some departments in the U.S since Trump got elected.

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That pronouncement is completely without merit.

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Why? Having an open database of genetic DNA with deep cover spies and their family members could certainly expose certain operations