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Please tell me they're at least going do something productive with some of that, like sell CO2 for soft drinks.

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Kalmus thinks carbon capture ultimately distracts the world from other solutions that would make a bigger dent in emissions, like investment in renewables and regulations targeting the fossil-fuel industry.


Fossil fuel industry greenwashing.

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I think we need everything: to drastically reduce our energy use, decimate the fossil fuel industry, large scale carbon capture techniques, and geoengineering. Honestly I don't see it happening.

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Drastic reductions in energy use aren't going to happen so perhaps the focus should be on reducing costs for cleaner sources. And I'm not talking government subsidies that don't actually reduce overall costs. I'm talking about finding ways to build and run the sources cheaper. Fossil fuel use won't be effectively reduced until the supplies are eliminated or the price for the alternatives become cheaper for everyone without the use of subsidies.

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Drastic reductions in energy use aren't going to happen ....

Then I think we're fucked. I don't think there's any practical way to simply swap our astronomical fossil-fuel energy expenditure with renewables.

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I understand that Carbon Capture is most effective at the point it is being produced, power stations etc.

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Well, we now need to reduce the CO2 concentration of the atmosphere... CC at power stations is only ever going to slow the rate of increase a little.