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I wonder how the Law of Unintended Consequences will come into play here.

Looking forward to the weaponized droughts where drones zap the humidity out of the air before it can move inland. /s

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Not so farfetched. Removing the moisture overland at one spot steals it from another spot.

There's only so much water in the air...

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Weather manipulation has been practiced for awhile now. Before the Olympics in China, they heavily cloud seeded the surrounding area to basically wring the moisture out of the air and to ensure dry weather.

Back in Vietnam they tried to cloud seed the ho chi man trail to turn the paths into mud.

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Yeah the innovation here is in doing it electrically (instead of sprinkling silver iodine or other substances in the clouds) and using drones (cheap, small, unmanned).

What America did in Vietnam (or China during the Olympics) is hard to pull off without air superiority. This... less so.

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That's an excellent point and with how cheap a swarm of drones are these days, that's certainly feasible.