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It's no surprise to me that the Freedom Phone is a pile of Chinese shit. Making a phone that meets todays standard for ease of use is very difficult in the current ecosystem.

You won't get the functionality and user friendly experience of a modern phone combined with the freedom from big tech. Even a phone running LineageOs is reliant upon Google for the development of Android, and still defaults to certain Google standards. Some Linux phones, like the Pinephone, are free from most of the big tech tracking, but are still susceptible to service provider tracking. The major flaw with Linux phones is that you have to do a lot of things yourself, like installing software and flashing ROMs. Plus, a lot of standard functions tend to be missing or buggy on these devices. I have always had issues with LineageOS devices without Google Services finding an accurate GPS location.

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Have you tried Sailfish OS?

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Last year I tried it out for my OnePlus 3t, but it had some major issues with making calls and a few other things like camera and Bluetooth. I looked into it a couple months ago and it appears they have fixed these issues. But I haven't had the time or motivation to sit down and fiddle around with it. I do plan on checking it out eventually.