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The linked source article (copied from AFP) still has a lot of buzzwords (AI Judges, blockchain, etc) but actually explains is half way through:

Cases handled at the Hangzhou court include online trade disputes, copyright cases, and e-commerce product liability claims. ...

Putting simple functions like that in the hands of the virtual judge helps ease the burden on human justices, who monitor the proceedings and make the major rulings in each case, officials said.

It looks like AI does basic yes/no questions to move things along, then a call center of "judges" decide a quick verdict.

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So... no AI but a big list of IF-THEN statements.

Christ, if that's what AI is, then I'm a complete god when it comes to programming AI.

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I blame journos for not taking the time to learn to code so they write about retarded things they have no comprehension of when it comes to technology.

That or just bad editors who dumbed things down for the masses who thing if/then statements is AI