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In the last few years I have read several articles touting some sort of advanced battery technology somebody somewhere developed ... BUT I have yet to see any actual batteries available that USE advanced technology. As my father used to say, "don't hold your hand over your ass until it happens".

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I've also read several such articles. I thought this tout seemed slightly more impressive/credible than most. The article itself says:

Na says IBM has built prototype pouch battery cells in the lab which give her group confidence that they could develop a commercial product for limited applications (e.g. portable power tools) within one to two years. Developing the technology to compete with industry-standard lithium ions for electric vehicle powertrains will take, she says, a “longer time.”

But yes, time will tell.

I'll believe it when I can run my cordless drill with it. If they really had it, you'd have to elbow people out of the way to get into the power tools at Lowe's. And they would NOT sit around hm-ing and ha-ing about it. It would be at Lowe's and Home Depot before the press release could even be published.