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Brief summary - a $5 chip that is very standard for allowing the charger to charge the battery used to be freely available from at least 2009-2017. The chip is very fragile and cracks easily when say dropping your laptop. Apple went to the manufacturer and had them make one tiny change to make it propiarity and forced them to never ever sell that chip to anyone besides apple.

That means a $1500 board that used to be fixed for $5 can no longer be fixed if it is out of warranty. Also since the SSD is soldered onto the board, and the encryption chip is separate, data recovery is not possible at that point.

The chip has nothing to do with security and the is really nothing special about it from the standard chip. It is just horribly unethical of apple to pull something like this.

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Some states are passing "right to repair' laws but I don't know if that would help in the situation you describe, and if Apple or whoever keeps changing the chips, it will be a lot of effort for third parties to backward engineer and produce them.

But hell with Apple anyways. If you buy a PC there are dozens of manufacturers making the same parts. People who buy Apple enable this kind of corporate ass fuckery.

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Apple caters to people who dont know jack shit about computers in general, and those people tend to eat their shit right up