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Of course this gets attention now because "muh Russia." This was known, reported, and ignored.

Trump tried three times to investigate voter fraud and each time the left shut him down. But only because it suits their purpose for saying that Russia hacked the election so that they can kick Trump out is it now an issue.

I. Don't. Care.

Get rid of the machines, do whatever. But this has nothing to do with Trump but someone will try to pretend.

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Oh, I fully agree. My own guess is that, as Trump said, voter fraud is rampant. Otherwise there would be no opposition to voter ID and legitimate inquiries into the voting process. I also always wonder if my family is still voting in California fifteen plus years after we've left the State. There's no real way to tell, but it's been in the back of my mind, since that State absolutely refuses to purge their voter roles.

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I forget who said but I think it's very appropriate:

The left giveth votes and the right taketh them away.

The left gets immigrants, minorities, and dead people to vote. The right suppresses voting rights. It generally balances out. Usually.

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Otherwise there would be no opposition to voter ID and legitimate inquiries into the voting process.

It's not difficult to flop policies. The Right can do it too. When I was younger RealID was a stepping stone to The Mark of The Beast.

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Voter fraud by officials if very different than voter fraud conducted by voters.

Voter fraud by voters generally is pretty darn low.

Voter fraud by officials is likely quite rampant, and includes changing the laws so the people you like have an easier time with the voting process. and the people you do not like have a harder time.

This includes letting illegal aliens to vote, making it hard for people to register to vote, and gerrymandering.

Never mind actual vote tampering

Remember this weird incident?


Voter ID does not attack the problem of weak and corrupt systems. Sure it feels good.

But it is the wrong problem. The much bigger problem is elsewhere.

It is sort of like putting a fresh coat of paint on a building plagued by termites.