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The original internet advertising companies ruined the industry with intrusive ads and virus-laden ads. Sorry the internet users fought back against a negligent industry. I could never use the internet without some sort of ad blocker. I just use Brave to make it simple.

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The article seemed to be exclusively against adblock. Since it's secretly a profitable advertising company. It doesn't have anything against actually blocking ads.

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Firefox focus doesn't block all ads, when i test it there was ads showing on youtube or some websites.Yandex does it better, it actually does block ads that would be considered annoying. I trust this russia app more than all the american apps ever made because not one of them could stop annoying ads.

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I believe that is because Firefox has built in ads. You need to disable their "recommended content".

I use AdAway and MACE (comes with PIA) on my phone and I run uBlock Origin on my laptop. If I see an ad, I'm super curious about why...something is usually configured incorrectly on my end.

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A mafia-like business is shaking down Google and Facebook? Boo hoo.

Adblock Plus is a technicall inferior project compared to alternatives, and the business is definitely scummy. However, I'm glad that normies see it as the primary adblock (and publishers therefore target it). This means we users of better solutions can at least still block everything.

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is Ublock Origin good?

[–] CDanger 1 points (+1|-0)

Yes. Also checkout uMatrix (from the same author). It might look intimidating at first, but it gives you excellent control over what runs on each website you visit.

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