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such as offering “electoral services” that included entrapment using Ukrainian prostitutes and admitting to bribing officials in Caribbean elections

You rarely hear about those serious scandals involving CA. Those should be larger stories than the whole "we used advertiser data for political purposes"

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The Great Hack’s co-director Karim Amer said: “We have received a letter from Arron Banks’s solicitors, which we have responded to, making clear that we stand by the contents of the film and will vigorously defend against any claim. We find it ridiculous that Arron Banks and his solicitors would issue such a letter without having seen the actual film.

“We would invite Mr Banks to watch the film when it premieres worldwide on Netflix on 24 July.” He added that Banks would be welcome at a London screening at the ICA that day.

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tldw: a bunch of silicon valley idiots built a turnkey totalitarian state and then freaked the fuck out when it was used against them