I don't know, seems a bit much. I'm sure it was funny though.

[–] TeraMarie [OP] 1 points (+2|-1)

Theres some nudity and it is serious sometimes. I recognize the student " types" from high school.

I'll be straightforward here. The trailer alone shows so much degeneracy its unbearable. It doesn't just take teenage sexual angst and highlight a few troubles kids might experience at that age, it does something a bit more. It promotes a lifestyle of promiscuity and heartless "romances" all under the guise of having fun and exploring yourself.

I won't knock anyone down for enjoying the content they enjoy, but if you really want to know how I feel about it then I think its another media tool to normalize hook-up culture and destroy the preservation of love and the sanctity of marriage.

Call me old fashioned and a crazy coot, but I am pretty traditional and down to earth. That behavior is trouble, and definitely not conducive to a healthy sex life.

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I thought it would be funny, but my wife turned it on and I was just kinda disgusted. I'm into sexual humor, but not full-focus on sex.

We started Russian Doll the other night, that looks neat. I'm curious where they're going to go with it, I'm only 2 episodes in.

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I watched, to. I liked it. It was a little creepy at times, but good.

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I really enjoyed. The meshing of UK and US culture was a bit strange to me at times, but overall it worked fairly well. The main cast is pretty good, especially Gillian Anderson who is fantastic.