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Ipomoea batatas are far superior to anything the Brassica family produces.

That is literally the worst tuber. You can yam that thing back in back in the garbage where it belongs.

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Let us compare the humble sweet potato to the foul cabbage.

  1. Amount of edible parts of the plant: sweet potato leaves and shoots can be eaten as well while the cabbage only has its nasty leaves.

  2. Plant attractiveness: sweet potato again wins since comes in different colors and spreads thus covering more ground. It also has attractive flowers, while cabbage does not.

  3. As a food: the sweet potato has a pleasant taste and doesn't assault the taste buds or olifactory system with putridness. It also has more versatility and combines better with other ingredients than the boring cabbage.

The humble sweet potato is clearly the superior vegetable when compared to the abomination known as cabbage.