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IDK how anyone could stand to try to set records in an rpg

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Most of them are not that bad really. This is 100%, nobody runs it really due to the length, Any% is around 7-8 hours. RPGs have a bunch of ways to manipulate fights and either completely avoid or greatly reduce the amount of randomness in the run.

Chrono Trigger, for example, has basically no RNG if fights are done in a specific way, and none of the "random" encounters are actually random, they can all be avoided with the exception of fights that progress the storyline and 4 fights you do to grind XP. Final Fantasy is kind of similar, except encounters are based on the amount of steps you take and the tiles you step on, so those need to be memorised. Earthbound is another popular run, and fights in that can also be skipped by taking certain paths, not walking into enemies, or stuttering your movement so enemies do not "realise" you're moving past them.