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“Very ominous. Every day, reddit strains farther (sic) from its original values, wonder what users from 5-10 years ago would think of the site now.”

I would've stayed away 10 years ago. The big step step over the edge was when they started mass (frequently unqualified) shadowbans 4-5 years ago, which was basically Reddit saying "we don't want these people but we do want their site hits". I remember the first mass migration from Digg to Reddit was simply over Digg allowing sponsored posts, now look at Digg, it's actually pretty decent site with almost none of the Reddit BS.

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Yeah I remember leaving Digg after they did that big redesign and you would only see posts from power users and curated content. I left reddit when it started it's first large wave of sub bans under Pao, and I didn't even use any of the banned subs. I just saw the ominous warning signs. Reddit always seemed like a bad idea early on though, being owned by Conde Nast and all.