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Dissenter has existed for a whopping 3 weeks and it gets swept up in the mass banning. Last I checked, the attack was live streamed on Facebook and not 4/8chan, voat, dissenter, etc. but which one didn't get banned? Hmm

The platform that acts as the censorship model of the web is the one that lives.

Fuck these people, they have no clue that their actions simply push this issue closer to the fire.

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I think your read that this will just keep the cycle going is correct. I also think the elite (media, politicians, etc) are absolutely terrified about what is going on right now and how they're losing control, and the only move they have is to crack down on alternative and un-censorable forums and hold close media giants like Facebook to try to shape the narrative. Oh, and here are the Kardashians and some basketball.