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Archive sites are likely to get the blacklist soon. They will be smeared as manipulating the content they archive and will vanish in a flash.

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I hope not. Archive.org is one of the few internet organizations who still have my support.

Their biggest problem is probably copyright; especially of companies which didn't object having their content archived, but then went bankrupt, and got bought by lawyers.

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They will be blacklisted. It's only a question of when. Do you think that politicians like having embarassing content forever cataloged and viewed by the public? They will find a way to memory hole archive sites either through the legal system or coersion with tech and banking. 'Oops your company just popped upon the MATCH list with #10, we are closing your bank account.' That happened to gab, happened to Dick who tried to run a patreon without censorship, it will happen to the archive site owners

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Why do you say that?

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I have seen calls to disregard what exists on an archive site as 'fraudlant' a few years ago because it documented what the accused deleted. I'm not reality feeling like pushing out a bunch of links right now, but you can't memory hole a bad article or radical opinion that wants to be disappeared when it turns out you have to delete it to save face.

Imagine if archive sites were storing videos of news documenting building 7's collapse on 9/11....oh wait they were and no one cares

Edit:was eating dinner and came back to this a few times and it doesn't make much sense. Maybe you should archive it and use it against me later.

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Maybe you should archive it and use it against me later.

I would but it will be deleted by the NSA.