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Recently I helped a friend grind his uneven concrete basement floor so that he could install new flooring over it. I was warned that the silica in cement dust is bad for the lungs. Fortunately we had a box of N95 masks -- ie. not the so-called surgical masks that everyone thinks will protect them from catching a cold er I mean certain death -- and I put one on before we started grinding.

The dust in the air was so thick at times I couldn't see more than a foot in front of my face. But the N95 mask not only sealed well around my mouth and nose but prevented any dust from getting in. After 2 years now of wearing various bullshit excuses for masks that were so obviously bad at filtering inhaled or exhaled air just so that we can be permitted to enter public buildings I was very impressed by the N95 mask indeed.

If I'm ever faced with exposure to an airborne pathogen that is actually dangerous to anyone except a 90 YO obese diabetic I will make sure to wear a N95 mask.

I don't know what point the linked article is trying to make because I didn't open it, though from the title I suspect it just more fear porn for the masses. The CBC is just another MSM outlet/government mouthpiece and I am secure in the knowledge that if I do the opposite of whatever they tell me I'll be the better for it.