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Written by Ted Nugent and rhythm guitarist/singer Steve Farmer. This was on the first Dukes album to feature all original songs, all of which were written by Ted Nugent and Steve Farmer. The album was in part a commercial attempt to reach the counter-cultural market by producing somewhat of a concept album. Originally, the record's A and B sides were to be stylistically contrast to each other, and written separately by Nugent and Farmer, respectively. The final project, however, includes most of the lyrics on the first half to be written by Farmer, while the second half features Nugent's only writing contribution to be the music for this song and "Conclusion", which uses the same music. While Nugent's songs are more geared in the direction of hard rock that would pioneer into what is now considered an early precursor to heavy metal music, Farmer's work has much more of a psychedelic, almost trendy by design, feel that tends to make satire out of the music scene at the time rather than embrace it, even going as far as to play out like a continual concept album. Despite the musical differences, the two sides are both experimental in their own right, as they were still in the process of developing their sound that Nugent would ultimately continue to reinvent until the end of the band's career.

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I watched a few minutes of Ted's live stream tonight. What a unique individual.

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I got to hang out with him after a bar gig back in the early 70's. He didn't drink or do drugs and was still a wild man. Definitely had strong beliefs and stuck by them.