Jefferson Airplane.
As the roster changed Jefferson Airplane first changed their name to Jefferson Starship, then when the last original member left they dropped Jefferson and went by Starship. Their musical styling had also changed from Acid Rock to Commercial Pop.

That's a very good example. I think it primarily relates to who had the creative control in a band, as sometimes it was shared and more often one or just two members. There are even examples of the main exposure and success was sometimes outside the artists themselves, as in producers and songwriters. I just did an article on the Four Tops. After Holland-Dozier-Holland (their primary songwriters) quit Motown, their popularity and success fell off sharply. The Four Tops had great vocal talent, but little to no songwriting talent.

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it doesnt even have to be be changing members. when waters took over, pink floyd was a different enough band they should have changed names.

There was a distinct change of direction in the sound of PF when Syd left. Who knows what would have happened if Syd stayed, but I doubt it would have been what they did become. I think, had Syd stayed, Waters would have left the band and started his own.

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They replaced Tarja in Nightwish. The music tends to sound the same but since the singer is different, they tend to go different directions now. So I'd say "no."

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Queen is a "no." They try, but Mercury was not only the vocals, he was a Showman and a Personality. I had several albums, all of the Mercury era, but I wouldn't buy one now or go to a concert. I believe the remaining members all had a ton of talent and should have gone another direction with another name.

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I agree with the article that it depends on the remaining members up to a point. Guns N Roses isn't the same band without Slash. Sure they still have Axl's vocals but without Slash they don't have the same sound. Likewise AC/DC won't be the same without Brian Johnson and should just disband whenever Angus calls it quits. Lynyrd Skynyrd isn't the same band now that almost all the originals have left, thankfully they're retiring the band soon.

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It depends when the original lineup ended, I'd say. Was Metallica still Metallica after they kicked out Dave Mustaine? I'd say yes. Are they the same band now? Not to me.

What about the Eagles? Again - without Glenn Frey they're not the same band but they haven't been the original lineup in decades. As @Butler_crosley mentioned, AC/DC should hang it up, even tough they continued after Bon died.

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