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I know people who would buy identical hardware to failed hardware they have, swap the units and return their purchase with the broken one in the package. I am not recommending anyone do that is l as it is very immoral, but places like Fry's that accept returns on hardware no questions asked open themselves up to that sort of behaviour

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it is very immoral

You're not wrong but that's how you fight planned obsolescence. It is more immoral to let a company screw you with products designed to fail after the warranty expires.

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Looks like a fairly new solid mid tier board.


It appears to be a lga 1151 socket type which looks like it would require an Intel 9xxxx series cpu.

Aside from a visual inspection the only way I know of testing its working condition would be to set it all up. Unfortunately those 9000 series chips are not cheap.

Perhaps @ohphukimintrouble could weigh in.

But unless you want to purchase the rest of the pc components to test it. You might be able to work out a deal with a pc repair shop to test it.

I don't see someone throwing away a $200 mobo just because though.

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This. This is a Gigabyte board and 1. they have a habit of just failing and 2. Gigabyte has a habit of discontinuing each series as soon as failures start to kick in so you can't replace it with an exact duplicate. Even what you linked to was refurbished and Gigabyte has one of the fastest product line lifecycles out there.

If the board isn't toast, it's probably not going to last too long. OP might be able to test if it's any good and if it is, sell it for maybe 75% of current market value as "like new."

Thanks for the info. And yea its weird but were surrounded by fairly well off ppl. Got my sound system (NAD) n my wifes imac (2008 model, no pw) down there too.

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98% chance it's either outdated and worthless, or broken. Don't waste your time. The case could still be good though.