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My current set up. I decided to include in the pic my current, previous, very previous, and future cases. (Try and guess which is which).

Not the cleanest, nor the most cluttered. But this little nest is where my ass calls home.

Now let's see your guess. Surely we must all have battlestations to some degree.

Also, feel free to ask about any of the various items.

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What OS is that? E. Nice IPA

Windows 10 enterprise I believe. Unverified of course. But it was the first one I found that would allow me to upgrade from and unverified version of windows 8. That.... was a frustrating 2 days.

As for the beer. I nearly exclusively drink Hop Valleys Alphadelic. I ended up a beer snob somehow. When really, I'm just too old to be drinking PBR, and I really like my IPAs.

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I love IPA but don't like windows very much. I have a win 7 partition for legacy hardware and games.