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What OS is that? E. Nice IPA

Windows 10 enterprise I believe. Unverified of course. But it was the first one I found that would allow me to upgrade from and unverified version of windows 8. That.... was a frustrating 2 days.

As for the beer. I nearly exclusively drink Hop Valleys Alphadelic. I ended up a beer snob somehow. When really, I'm just too old to be drinking PBR, and I really like my IPAs.

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I love IPA but don't like windows very much. I have a win 7 partition for legacy hardware and games.

I'm a big fan, I always say I like my beer hoppier than a bag of frogs.

I'm just most familiar with windows, I ran with DarklIte XP until like 2015 when I accidentally fried my computer due to a few possible reasons...

I've fucked with linux and ubuntu in the past but have never found them any more superior.

However, windows has just increasingly become less tech geek friendly and more obnoxious over the past decade.