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kick country out of swift

make it "illegal" to deal with country's central bank

ban import of russian gold

get mad when country has no way to pay besides physically driving money to another country

it's all so tiresome

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Invade other countries without provocation

fire missiles from supposedly neutral countries into the country you invaded

Kidnap families and children and transport them thousands of miles away

Have tantrums when other bordering neutral countries decide joining NATO is a really good idea

It's all so tiresome

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Ukraine could have prevented all of this by not slaughtering citizens of their own country for 8 years and abiding to the Minsk contracts.

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LOLS, nice try.

The Soviets said they invaded to prevent the nazification of Ukraine and to provide succor to the ethnic russians who were being "downtrodden."

Pure and utter BS. The neo-nazi presence in Ukraine is tiny compared to many other EU countries. And I suppose the reason for them kidnapping thousands of Ukranians and transporting them through Russia is payback for the downtrodding?

There was no justification for the invasion other than Putin and Co. deciding they really want to ensure their Black Sea route to the Atlantic. That is the absolute only reason they invaded Crimea and Ukraine. During the winter, they have zero usable seaports other than what could be interdicted by Ukraine and Turkey. If their troops hold the land on that route, they feel safe. As if anyone want them.

Russia has been engaged in a pattern of invasion and conquest for the last 15 years and you'd better believe that everyone in Europe is watching it, even if Americans want to hide from reality.


Yeah I was like, no shit they won't pay lol.

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They technically did pay, but the banks were like "HA suck it":

Russia said that it had sent the money to Euroclear Bank SA, a bank that would then distribute the payment to investors.

But that payments allegedly got stuck there amid increased sanctions from the West on Moscow, according to Bloomberg, meaning creditors did not receive it.

Euroclear told the BBC that it adheres to all sanctions.