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lol , the only time the media ever portrays the image of two women holding a Christian cross in a positive light is when they're trying to whip up war-like hysteria in their clueless readers. How the fuck are people this easy to gas light?

Looks more like an attempt to avoid further violence by uniting two countries via religion.

Yeah, I know, that never works, but it the thought that counts. They do mean well.

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Absolute brainlet take, which is what these media publishers are going for.

Uniting the two countries means Russia wins. The whole point is to keep them divided so that Russia remains in a weak position.

Maintaining retarded ideas like the one you just expressed is how political powers get morons to go fight and die in the name of "humanitarian" causes when the real goal is a divide and conquer geopolitical strategy. This was the whole point of the Arab Spring style, US backed misinformation campaign that has conuously plagued every attempt at a "democratic" election that Ukraine has had.

I mean, I don't really give a fuck if those White niggers want to kill each other or not. It means absolutely nothing to me. I would back the US position if the US had not mutated into some bizarre, multicultural "utopia" of nigger loving kikes and faggots like you. I have absolutely no horse in this race and it's hilarious watching faggot kike propagandists like yourself try to convince me otherwise.