I'm not even a little surprised.
Roseanne behaving like Roseanne. She had a history of 'crossing the line' in the 90's when people were thicker-skinned.
She has not changed, but people have become more sensitive.

This was bound to happen.

I wonder if ABC was afraid her viewership would go even higher, which of course would show how many people are NOT offended by this. ABC knew what they had before they started the re-make but didn't count on the full effect it would have. It's fun to watch them weigh money against agenda. Popcorn time.

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When will people learn that twitter can only hurt your career.

I will say as far as reboot's go at least it was true to the original show but there are definitely ABC execs seriously pissed at her for shooting their current golden goose.

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Fucking degenerate promoting show, good riddance. I don't know why so many wannabe conservatives praise that garbage anyway.

[–] COFfeebreak [OP] 0 points (+0|-0) Edited

As degenerate as:

Chelsea Clinton replied: “... I imagine George Soros’s nephews are lovely people. I’m just not married to one.” ?

The Soros tribe has committed actual actions that are a threat to western civilization. Roseanne said some words that hurt somebody's feeeelz.

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I don't care what that fat cow said or who get's their feeling hurt over words. That is not what is important here.

Her show was promoting degeneracy, just like everything she's ever done. She is not someone who conservatives should be holding up as some great white hero of ideas. Fans are idiots.

I agree. I didn't watch her show and don't view her as a "voice" of any merit or perceptiveness. It wasn't entertaining, just more virtue signalling on par with SNL. Boring. I'm just watching the circus waiting for the lions to pounce on the red meat tossed out. Now that's entertainment.

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