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Someone needs a new idea.

The comic book publishers have run their franchises into the dirt, star trek went about 3 movies too far, and now star wars is preparing to do the same.

Give it a rest. There are thousands and thousands of really decent sci fi novel out there, hollywood. Get off your lazy asses and make something new.

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I don't understand why people liked Blue Pocahontas II (a.k.a Avatar 2). It was complete and total garbage, plus it was filmed in that god awful high frame rate.

People clapped at the end of it in the theater and I thought, "Did we watch the same movie?" ... It was Discount Mel Gibson + discount Family Matters + Discount Moby's Dick .... SPACE WHALES ... SPACE ....WHALES

space whales

yea we're done here

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Wonder if they were obligated by contract to Daisy Ridley? Better to buy her out than embark on a movie no one really wants to see.