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related news, pv still exists

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Either Putt is still locking down the definition of brigading before going after real users or PV is merely a clique of like minded users who believe in downvoting what they don't like.

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I've always thought that PV had its place as to promote discussion about certain aspects that negatively impact all of Voat. They helped combat MH101 and a lot of the random spam attacks.

However, they've definitely gone way over the line in their brigades and other nonsense. Power leads to the opportunity to abuse it and that's just what they've done.

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I agree with some, even most, of their stated objectives, but disagree with their methods, specifically how they support bad actors to oust community oriented mods.

I tend to disagree with their definitions of free speech, which lately appears to be "total absence of rules" on system subs. Free speech does not guarantee an audience, and so claiming a ban or deletion violates it is absurd. For all their worry about shills, guaranteeing an audience sure facilitates shilling.

They wanted a community free of rules like 4chan of old but would not accept that others on Voat disagreed and instead of creating a sub they took over the site.