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The cringe flows freely in that thread.

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I'm just imagining some wannabe-skinhead prowling churches and gun ranges hoping to find his Aryan 'morally upright' 1950s traditional wife. Probably not going to yield good results any time soon.

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go to the gun range

I have trouble imagining that as a place to meet women lol. Striking up conversations at the grocery store has worked for me accidentally on multiple occasions, but you can't be going to the store with the intention of meeting women.

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I hang around at the grocery store every day for several hours hoping to meet one woman in particular who shops there. She doesn't shop there on a schedule ever since I started hitting on her, so I have to go there often and wait around as long as I can and hope I see her and she doesn't turn around immediately after.

Thing is that none of the other women who shop there feel like they're the one, so she's really my only choice, I just have to be persistent until she finally realizes that we're meant to be together and she doesn't really have a choice in the matter. I haven't figured out where she lives yet, she's good at losing me on 34th street.

The managers there want me to stop but I'm helping the store manager's daughter get into college so they're not actually gonna stop me lol.