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What's wrong with removing off topic posts in a sub?

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Well the OP of this submission is one of those posting the gore to v/aww on Voat so he's probably upset about his posts being flagged more than anything. Unless that was his plan all along.

Oh look who chimed in. The faggot who can't leave on topic posts in someone elses sub alone.

Fuck off nigger.

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I stand by what I said a long time ago about voat: it should be /v/whatever and that's it, no other subs. Nobody wants to allow sub mods to enforce rules and people want to be able to talk about whatever they want wherever they want and they throw a temper tantrum anytime one does. There's no point in pretending to have multiple subs, just combine the whole thing into one pile of shit.

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This subverse now has a new rule: No untagged NSFW content This includes depictions of nudity, violence, and gore. Any untagged posts will be tagged by the moderators and flaired as appropriate, and for both posts and comments a formal warning will be issued to the user.

There is something surreal when this is put in context; the context being that "aww" a subverse for pictures of adorable animals doing cute things has a problem people posting gore and porn to it, yet instead of deleting posts and banning the trolls who are intentionally trolling their solution is to ask the same troll users to flag "NSFW aww posts".

To me it's like the mod is a homeowner and people keep walking by and having their dogs shit on the mod's lawn. Instead of putting up a sign or asking people to clean up after their dogs the mod puts out a basket of toothpick flags and asks the dog owners to place the tiny flag in the piles of shit left on the lawn.