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Well, to the Nazi's credit, they came the closest to sacking Moscow than any other European in the last 2000 years. If it wasn't for the ungodly resistance at Stalingrad and throughout the Ukraine, Moscow would have likely fallen within 2 months after the western invasion stated. Germany was really quite brilliant to keep the UK almost entirely out of the war for 4 years by attacking various British colonies and suppliers throughout the middle east and Africa. If the Roosevelt tyrant never got us involved in this European war, then most of what we call Europe, Africa and Asia would be Germany today.

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Considering they had the whole world against them, the Reich did very well.

Declaring war on the US after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor didn't help and the Russian campaign was a big miscalculation, although it devastated Russia. Russia was a great place to be a single guy if you survived the war.

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Yeah, imagine if Hitler didn't invade Russia. I doubt the US intervention would have helped win the war at that point...a few million more German soldiers and thousands of tanks extra on the North Atlantic region would have spelled disaster. Most people refer to the Russian invasion as a failure, but 28 million dead Russians isn't exactly a failure...I don't know a proper word to describe it

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It was a failure in the sense that the goal was not achieved, but yeah, Russia sure got it's ass whipped, even though they prevailed in the end.

It's worth noting too that Germany was able to build up its strength even though it was dealing with the crippling restitution payments from The Treaty of Versailles.