Orders are in for builds this year. My password was "alon".

England (@TheRedArmy)

  • A Lon

France (@Fluf)

  • No adjustments

Italy (@Jidlaph)

  • No adjustments

Russia (@Skyrock)

  • D Sev

Turkey (@PMYA)

  • F Con
  • F Ank

Here's our map for this Spring.

The spring 1910 phase will end Tuesday, June 6th, at 10 AM Greenwich Mean Time. Please have all orders to me by then.

Good luck everyone.

Orders are in for builds this year. My password was "alon". **England** (@TheRedArmy) - A Lon **France** (@Fluf) - No adjustments **Italy** (@Jidlaph) - No adjustments **Russia** (@Skyrock) - D Sev **Turkey** (@PMYA) - F Con - F Ank [Here's our map for this Spring](https://i.imgtc.com/XrMOluZ.jpg). **The spring 1910 phase will end Tuesday, June 6th, at 10 AM Greenwich Mean Time**. Please have all orders to me by then. Good luck everyone.


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@Fluf @Jidlaph @Skyrock @PMYA

I'm behind on orders, all. I was going to do it last night, but then died on my couch, and was, typically, running behind for work today, so I couldn't do it before work either.

They're all in, just need to get 'em done. Tonight for sure. Berate me at your own pleasure.

-The GM

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Incoming Telegram

From the desk of His Majesty, George V, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India

The following is a direct message from His Majesty to the intended recipients -

  • The Peoples of The United Kingdom and of all the British Dominions, including occupied territories in Europe (@TheRedArmy)
  • The President of The French Third Republic, Armand Fallières (@Fluf)
  • His Holiness, The Pope in Rome, Pius X (@Jidlaph)
  • Czar Nicholas II of The Russian Empire (@Skyrock)
  • The Sultan of The Ottoman Empire in Constantinople, Mehmed V (@PMYA)

To all:

 I write tonight, in my room here in the palace, the ruler of a nation, and denizen of a continent, that has been ravaged by war for more than 9 years now. Only half an hour ago, my Prime Minister, generals, and admirals, filled Buckingham Palace, as we sat in a secluded room for hours to discuss our foreign relations, our military position, and other issues that we, as leaders of our respective nations, must contend with. Today, I found myself distracted and unable to focus. As we talked casualties of numbers that would make God Himself pause, my thoughts left the strategy and the foreign relations, and I found myself thinking of my first thought when I was told that our navies had been engaged by the Germans fleet in the North Sea.

 "Please to God may it soon be over."

 And eight years later, I await the end, still. The weight of the indeterminable deaths of brave men on the fields of Europe and the seas of the Atlantic weighs heavily on my soul. I can feel my very being deteriorating under it all. I was not built for such things.

 I am not a brilliant man; my hobbies are but stamp-collecting and hunting game. I went to an Opera some months ago and found it extremely dull. I am uninspiring, and cannot rouse men to great deeds as Wellington could. I fancy myself more a mediator than a decision-maker; finding the acceptable middle ground between the distinct ideas of others. For all that, I do have redeeming qualities. My wife and I are completely devoted to each other; not even the thought of infidelity has crossed my mind, and neither hers. I believe strongly in maintaining good, and strong ties between my family. Character is of paramount importance to me, and I demand it of those in the government as well. I believe I can, in some small measure, represent the values and virtues of the upper-classes without the vices that plague so many. Most of all, I am so completely devoted to England and The Commonwealth. It has always been my dream to identify myself with the great idea of Empire.

 I have always been fascinated by the great men of the past who believed they could do what no others could - unite everyone. From Alexander to Napoleon, men have sought to bring all of Europe under one dominion since the beginning of time. Their reasons range from pure evil to pure good, and all in-between. Profit and virtue motivate them alike; they use bronze armor and javelins, or use muskets and howitzers; the only constant between these times is the goal - the unification of Europe.

 Such a task seemed impossible since the defeat of Napoleon. Surely a great coalition would form if any power became too powerful, charged too aggressively, or sought to bring others into dominion through warfare. And yet my generals come to me, saying that we stand on the cusp of such a possibility. It seems impossible to imagine, and yet it is reality. They tell me what will be necessary to bring it to reality; what offensives we must take, what it will take in manpower and material, what the expected successes and casualties are; and all I can think is that I merely wish it to be done.

 But then I think of the future. What further deaths could be stopped if there was unity? What untold horrors might not occur if we established a lasting peace? And what can be a lasting peace but a complete acceptance of one's rule? Do any of us think, the great powers settling into their respective spheres, aligned along either cultural or geographical lines, that peace will reign forevermore? Or will someone once again get ideas of grandeur in their head, our respective values and ideals clashing with each other, until the powder keg that is Europe explodes yet again?

 And so I have tolerated the war. And I have accepted my generals' plans to bring about unity of the European continent. England shall push on; we shall find a path to peace, and a lasting one; we shall find a way to make it lasting and true, both for the war and after. We shall treat all the peoples with the respect and tolerance. And perhaps we can find a way to keep a tragic war like this one for occurring again.

 If you, my peers in these other nations, so find it in your heart to make the task easier, and save the lives of those who would otherwise die, you would have my eternal gratitude. I beg you to consider the proposal to capitulate to us, and to help us make a united Europe.


George V, King of England

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Orders are done.


You all have ~24 hours to get your own orders to me. Good luck.

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